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About Galaxy Fuse

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What we do

Headquartered in China, Galaxy Fuse (Yinrong) is working to provide innovative and sustainable energy fuse solutions for each client. At Galaxy Fuse (Yinrong), we believe that electrical safety is the foundation of this green planet. That’s why we are dedicated to helping our customers find new ways to keep electrical power more safely, efficiently and sustainably. With a team of highly motivated, skilled and always ready to help, we deliver advanced technology and strive to keep things simple for our clients. We are dedicated to PV fuse, EV fuse, fuse folder. A powerful technology backup team and devices enable us to branch out into Solar Photovoltaic PV system protection, Industrial power protection, EV automotive protection, EVSE equipment protection, Energy storage system (ESS) protection and Semiconductor protection. Our purpose is clear-"For Green Environment, For Electrical Safety, For Your Business"

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