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Alibaba International Station 2022 Procurement Festival,be there or be square!——GALAXY FUSE


In the second half of 2022, importers and exporters have just begun to prepare for the next larger holiday promotions. For example, it is only about a month before the September procurement festival of Alibaba International Station.

To put it simply, the September Purchasing Festival of Alibaba International Station is called the "Black Friday" of the foreign trade industry, and it is a big promotion eventprovided by Alibaba International Station for global B2B buyers and sellers. So this year's Alibaba International Station Procurement Festival, what surprises will Galaxy Fuse bring to friends?

1.First of all, let me introduce, what is the significance of Alibaba holding this procurement festival?

Due to the impact of the COVID-19, many exhibitions around the world have been forced to postpone. During the period before the epidemic has passed, the import and export business of many countries has also been greatly affected. Hundreds of domestic exhibitions in February, March, April, and May have all been cancelled or postponed, and dozens of foreign exhibitions have been postponed. The exhibition industry is basically stagnant. Due to the inability to hold offline exhibitions, buyers could not find suitable suppliers, and suppliers could not find stable buyers, so that the transaction volume of suppliers dropped sharply.  Alibaba's annual procurement festival, as a new method of foreign trade drainage in the information age, using online live broadcast has the advantages of being more intuitive, real and three-dimensional, and can more naturally complete the buyer's pre-completed factory inspection, inspection and other trust stages. It can not only provide a good trading platform for traditional suppliers and traders, but also allow buyers, retailers and wholesalers to feel the essence of the product, the seller's service and super affordable discounts through the Internet, and there are more Many companies have launched new products at the Ali International Sourcing Festival in September, and received more orders, and the development of a new round of global supply chain is also a prelude!

2.What are the advantages of Alibaba's online live broadcast in this shopping festival?

1)Real; online live broadcasts are different from pictures and short videos, and post-processing of the product is not allowed. The displayed products are more realistic and intuitive than traditional pictures and texts.

2)Online live broadcast is cost-effective; online live broadcast products often have the lowest price on the entire network, it bypasses traditional intermediate channels such as dealers, and saves the cost of opening exhibitions, directly realizing the connection between products and consumers.

3)Real-time live broadcast; due to the real-time nature of online live broadcast, when buyers encounter problems, they can immediately feedback to the seller's anchor, and the seller can also answer the questions at the first time, answering questions for those users who are interested in the product.

3.Let me first reveal to you that the content of Galaxy Fuse's procurement festival in September this year is divided into 5 parts.

1)The first part is to introduce Solar Power Protection PV Fuse.

Photovoltaic fuses are used in complex environments, high altitudes and unpredictable climate changes. Therefore, it is important that overload currents and short-circuit high currents can be disconnected normally and reliably under extreme climatic conditions. So far, the more advanced technical indexes of domestic and foreign photovoltaic fuses are only In 15A, DC 1000V, and breaking capacity of 30kA. The product produced by our company has successfully achieved In30A, DC 1500V, and breaking capacity upgraded to 40kA through technological process innovation. The technical indexes far exceeds that of similar products at home and abroad.In this procurement festival, we mainly launched several main photovoltaic fuses such as YRPV-30, YRPV-30L, so stay tuned~

2)The second part is to introduce High and Low Voltage HRC Fuse.

The high and low voltage fuse products of Galaxy Fuse are widely used in the electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, mine, building, ships, vehicles, town domain for protecting the overload and short-circuits of the electric appliance parts.Several high and low voltage fuses such as NH1, NH2, NH3 are our company's hot-selling products and are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries. At that time, I will also introduce them to you one by one.

3)The third part is to introduce EV Automotive and EVSE Fuse.

EV series fuses, which we also called new energy auto fuses. Our company in order to promote the vision of green transportation of new energy vehicles., we have always adhered to the concept of providing reliable and safe insurance in the electric world, and systematically developed a number of series of voltage levels, current specifications, models and size.Comply withinternational standards, interchangeable and versatile fuses for the protection of new energy vehicles.Galaxy fuse YREu-200a and YREVq-38b1 and several new energy fuses will also be presented to you with a good quality and reasonable price.

4)The fourth part is to introduce about Galaxy Fuse Online Q&A.

This part is a few common questions that customers who introduce Galaxy Fuse will ask. Regarding the size of the company, is it a trading company or a combination of industry and trade? The quality, price, customization, delivery time, agency and other issues of fuses, if you have any questions about Galaxy fuse, you can comment on the screen, and we will answer you with professional service!

5)The last part is to introduce aboutGalaxy Fuse—More than One Fuse Solution

Thispartis mainly to give you popular science fuse causes and solutions for fuse failures. If the fuse is not operated in accordance with the standard steps during the installation process, the probability of abnormal circuit and circuit failure will increase, so how to avoid the failure of the fuse during the installation process? And how to solve the failure after the fuse is installed?

4.Next, I will teach you how to find our live streaming portal.

1)PC system

Step 1: Search on Google or other search engines:www.Alibaba.com; and log in;

Step 2: Find "Trade Show" on the alibaba page and click to enter;

Step 3: Search the keyword "Yinrong" or "Galaxy Fuse" on the "Online trade show" page, and you can see the store of Galaxy fuse;

Step 4: Enter the Galaxy Fuse store; click Follow to see the company's updates and live broadcasts on the "trade show" page;

2)Phone system
Step 1: Open the Aliaba.com App on your phone;

Step 2: Search "Yinrong" on the alibaba search page, you will find the store ofGalaxy Fuse;

Step 3: Enter Zhejiang Galaxy Fuse Co.,Ltd. store and click Follow;

Step 4: In the follow section of the "Live" page, you canfind our updates and live broadcasts during the September Purchasing Festival;

The September purchasing Festival is coming soon,so it is necessary to purchase in advance.Oherwise,the freight will rise,and the products may be out of stock,it is also need to arrange orders.It’s the most cost-effective time to place an order now.You can receive the goods in time and save the freight.GalaxyFuse will be there for you!