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Hot summer is coming! Photovoltaic power generation safety becomes a hidden danger: it is very important to choose a fuse!


Recently, many places around the world have issued high temperature red warnings, which will enter a stage of sustained high temperature. With the rapid increase in temperature,solar power stations will usher in the peak power generation period as scheduled, and photovoltaic equipment will also undergo the test of extreme high temperature. Under continuous exposure, the temperature of photovoltaic modules can reach 70℃, and the working junction temperature of the cells in the modules is close to 100℃, which brings irreversible damage to the photovoltaic equipment, and at the same time, reduces the output power of the photovoltaic modules, which seriously affects the performance of the solar power station power generation.

However, in summer, not only long-term high temperature, but also some severe weather, such as typhoons, rainstorms, fires caused by high temperature and other natural disasters.Therefore, the safety devices of photovoltaic power plants will be the key factor affecting the long-term stability, safety and reliable operation of photovoltaic power stations.The equipment of the PV system must be equipped with special safety devices, such as fuses, which are usually unknown, and come forward at critical times to protect the safety of the power station at all times.

Photovoltaic fuses are widely used in Solar PV systems to break the possible solar energy concentrating panels,photovoltaic strings,and circuit overloads and short-circuit currents generated by inverters and other current feedback cables, so as to protect the overall PV energy concentrating panels. Secondly, the fuse can also be selected in any other DC circuit as a circuit overload and short circuit protection for electrical components. As the application of solar energy is becoming more and more extensive,in order to follow the footsteps of photovoltaic technology, traditional fuse manufacturers such as Galaxy Fuse also developed and launched photovoltaic dedicated DC fuses as early as early 2004.

So today we will introduce how to choose a safe Solar PV fuse.

1.Pay attention to choosing FUSE from regular manufacturers.

Whenusers choose photovoltaic fuses, they must confirm whether they are products of regular manufacturers. A reputable company,not only guarantees the quality of its products, but also has a high degree of technical and service response from the manufacturer. The stability and reliability of the manufacturer's products are all things that end-users need to consider.

Zhejiang Galaxy Fuse Co., Ltd. has made remarkable technological breakthroughs and process innovations in recent years, especially in the development of solar photovoltaic and new energy vehicle protection fuses, and has its own team of R&D engineers; more than 40 years of fuse Experience in device research and development and manufacturing; professional after-sales service team; excellent quality, won the industry standard recognition, to provide users with protection not only in products but also in services.

2.Pay attention to select FUSE type according to circuit protection conditions.

At present, there are many types of photovoltaic fuses products in the market, and solar fuse with different performances have different application fields. Therefore, the user must select the photovoltaic fuse according to the application field of the circuit and the corresponding protection requirements.

The selection of fuses, including the selection offuse link, needs to consider the following conditions:

1)Determine the type of fuse according to the conditions of use.

2)When choosing the specifications of the fuse, you should first design the circuit according to the project, and then convert it according to the actual specifications, and select the correct specifications of the fuse. (If you are not sure how to convert, you can communicate with GALAXY technical consultation

3)The protection characteristics of the fuse should be well matched with the overload characteristics of the protected object.

4)In the power distribution system, fuses at all levels should be matched with each other. Generally, the rated current of the upper-levelfuse linkis 2-3 times larger than that of the next-fuse link.

5) The rated current of the fuse should not be less than the rated current of the fuse link ; the rated breaking capacity should be greater than the maximum,short-circuit current that may occur in the circuit.

3.Pay attention to the performance of the FUSE.

1)Comprehensive protection; because ordinary fuses can be activated and blown under a certain current pressure, so as to protect the electrical parts of the equipment from being damaged. However, since the amount of current generated by the solar panel is not particularly large when a short circuit occurs, it cannot effectively start the ordinary fuse, but the solar fuse can effectively break the low-voltage current, so it can fully protect the solar panel effect.

2)Fast reaction of the fuse; because the current conduction speed is very fast, if the solar panel is short-circuited if it cannot be blown in time, it will lose the meaning of protection. Therefore, in order to avoid this kind of thing, the photovoltaic fuse adopts advanced manufacturing technology and selects stable and reliable raw materials, so that the fuse response is rapid, and the fuse can be started at the moment of a short circuit, thus preventing the electrical components from being burned.

3)Wide range of applications; Solar PV fuses are produced in accordance with international standard specifications, so they can be applied to various current ranges, and are equipped with standard metal ferrules, bolts and multi-purpose circuit boards, and the installation method can be based on The actual application situation can be flexibly selected, so the applicability is veryflexible.

Galaxy photovoltaic fuse link YRPV-30 DC1000V/1500V 10*38mm and YRPV-30L, 1500V 10*85mm are the hot-selling Solar PV fuses of Zhejiang Galaxy Fuse Co., Ltd. These two photovoltaic fuses and other photovoltaic fuses have passed the technological innovation.YRPV-30 DC1000V/1500V 10*38mm has successfully achieved In30A, DC1000V, breaking capacity upgrade to 40kA,DC 1500V breaking capacity reach to20kA and YRPV-30L, 1500V 10*85mm has achieved In30A, DC1500V, breaking capacity up to40kA, and the technical index far exceeds similar products at home and abroad andhas passed the test in China,also obtained TUV certificate and CE certificate issued by Rhein Certification Authority in Germany and UL certificate issued by US certification authority.

(YRPV-30 DC1000V 10*38mm Fuse Link)                    ( YRPV-30L DC1500V 10*85mm Fuse Link)



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Therefore, we also need to consider the excellent characteristics of its products when purchasing photovoltaic fuse. It is necessary to choose photovoltaic fuses that can not only cut off the current in time when the circuit fails to prevent accidents, but also ensure that the circuit switch can withstand the instantaneous non-fault pulse current.

The above are the three major conditions to be considered when we choosing a photovoltaic fuse, I hope it will help you. If you would like to know more details about our solarphotovoltaic fuse, please send an inquiry to us or contact us by phone, we will give you professional answer services with professional knowledge!

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