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“Hot”new energy vehicles,“Unusual” fuses


The energy field is undoubtedly the focus and focus of international competition in the 21st century. With the popularization of the concept of environmental protection and the continuous progress of international crude oil supply, research institutes and auto manufacturers in most developed countries have increased their investment in the research and development of new energy vehicle technology to replace traditional oil-fueled vehicles, forming a technological common development situation. The world is constantly promoting the development of new energy vehicles, and many cities also encourage people to buy new energy vehicles when buying cars. In China, many regions clearly point out that newly registered car-hailing vehicles must be new energy vehicles. It also proves that new energy vehicles have become the current and future development trend.

From January to September 2022, China's auto production and sales reached 19.632 million and 19.47 million units, respectively, up 7.4 percent and 4.4 percent year-on-year, data showed. Among them, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 4.717 million and 4.567 million, respectively, with year-on-year growth of 120% and 110%, and the market share reached 23.5%. New energy vehicles have a very key factor, is the problem of automobile safety performance.In recent years,because of various electric vehicles or fire accident caused by charging improperly, the use of energy vehicles security become the focus of attention, then there is electricity faced for safety, and the emergence of new energy fuse, It is a good way to ensure the safety of electric car owners. New energy vehicle fuses can quickly cut off the circuit when the short circuit current occurs, prevent the expansion of accidents, protect property and life safety, is an indispensable safety protection device in the circuit system of new energy electric vehicles, new energy vehicle sales growth has also driven the development of the fuse market.

So let me answer your curious questions about the New energy vehicle fuse:

1. What is a new energy vehicle fuse?

2. Where is the application of the EV fuse?

3. What role do EV fuses play in electric vehicles?

4. What is the difference between EV fuses and traditional industry protective fuses?

5. How to determine the quality of the fuse and whether it is safe and reliable?

1. What is a new energy vehicle fuse?

New energy vehicle fuse is also known as EV fuse. In popular terms, the fuse used on electric vehicles requires the melting protection performance of DC high -voltage fuse in ordinary power distribution systems. At the same time, it also needs to bear the impact and vibration of road vehicles. This is a unique requirement for the fuse used in the high -voltage system of electric vehicles.

2.Where is the application of the EV fuse?

The EV fuse is widely used in various electric vehicles, charging piles, energy storage systems and other equipment, mainly for short -circuit protection or severe overload protection.

3. What role do EV fuses play in electric vehicles?

EV fuse is mainly composed of melt, melt tube and external filler. When used, the fuse is connected in series in the protected circuit. When the current of the protected circuit exceeds the specified value, and after a certain time, the heat generated by the melt itself will fuse the melt and disconnect the circuit, so as to protect the electric vehicle.

4. What is the difference between EV fuses and traditional industry protective fuses?

For traditional industrial protection fuses, manufacturers generally design and test according to published standards IEC60629, UL248 (USA) and VDE0636/0635 (Germany). When introducing high-voltage fuses in EV/HEV, there are mainly JASO D622 (Japan) and ISO 8820-7/8 (both applicable to 450VDC, GB/T31465 citation similar) and OEM manufacturing standards.

Due to the industrialization of new energy vehicles before standardization, the early application of high voltage fuses in EV/HEV is basically evolved from the traditional industry fuses. Relatively speaking, there are some differences between automotive high-voltage fuses and traditional industrial applications, mainly as follows:

1) Application environment: Traditional industry fuses are mainly based on AC voltage, while EV/HEV fuses are DC voltage;

2) Cyclic load: EV/HEV current load is difficult to define and depends on vehicle start-stop, driving behavior, etc.

3) Ambient temperature: the ambient temperature curve of automotive fuse is more complex;

4) Impact and vibration: EV fuses have higher impact and mechanical vibration;

5) Space and weight: EV fuse installation options are more demanding than conventional fuses;

6) Miniaturization and lightweight :ev fuses have higher requirements for miniaturization and lightweight. In order to have greater breaking capacity, industrial fuses are designed with larger volume and heavier weight.

5. How to determine the quality of the fuse and whether it is safe and reliable?

When we choose the fuse, the first thing to consider must be the safety performance of the fuse, only good quality fuse can have safe and reliable short-circuit protection. Fake and inferior products fuse is common in many countries of the market, so when we choose the fuse, how to distinguish authenticity, as long as it's not because covet is cheap but doesn't care about the quality, can use the following three methods to determine the product quality and safety and reliability, before purchasing to discern between true and false, and implement informed:

1. Choose products from regular manufacturers; ZhejiangGalaxy Fuse Co., Ltd. has made remarkable technological breakthroughs and process innovations in recent years, especially in the development of solar photovoltaic and new energy vehicle protection fuses, and has its own R&D engineer team; more than 40 years of experience in fuse R&D and manufacturing; professional after-sales service team; excellent quality, which has been recognized by industry standards, providing users with protection not only in products but also in services.

2. For the essential and important components of new energy vehicles, the core component "melt" of the fuse should be identified first; the internal filler of the Galaxy fuse is made of high-purity, high-temperature resistant high-silica quartz sand, which has been refined The selection and special treatment enhance the arc extinguishing ability of the enhanced fuse and the copper,all silver andother materials used in the fuse, which have good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, deep drawing and corrosion resistance, and insist on quality first production. concept to bring a better experience to consumers.

3. The fuses must be certified according to international standards; Galaxy fuse's EV series fuses comply with international standards such as GB31465, IEC60269, ISO8820, and have obtained multiple certificates, which are worthy of the trust of consumers.

Then, for the owner of the charging pile and the operation of the charging pile, the managers must pay attention to the fuse of the charging pile. Here, I recommend everyone to choose the GalaxyFuse. The YREV series fuse was born in this situation, and truly International brands, domestic prices.