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    42 years

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    Multiple certificates of TUV, CE, UL, ISO, RoHs, CB, SGS, etc

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    General business&technical support 24/7 available

About Us

Welcome to Galaxy Fuse

Zhejiang Galaxy Fuse Co., Ltd. deeply concentrated on the fuse industry and branched out into Solar Power Protection PV Fuse, High and Low Voltage HRC Fuse, EV Automotive and EVSE Fuse, Energy Storage System (ESS) and Semiconductor High Speed Fuse. Adhering to the principles of long-term orientation, customer focus and energy sustainability, we provide innovative fuse solutions to meet clients' specific needs. To ensure electrical safety worldwide, we keep moving forward, opening up new horizons and doing new things.

About Us

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You are most welcome to submit inquiries on our PV DC Fuse, High Speed Fuse, EV Fuse, AC Fuse and Fuse Holder, etc. We will answer within 12 hours.

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