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Zhejiang Galaxy Fuse Co., Ltd. Creates Fully Automated Production Lines for PV Fuse Holders


Zhejiang Galaxy Fuse Co., Ltd. hereinafter called as Galaxy Fuse, announced in June 2022, that a new automated production line for Solar Power Protection PV Fuse Holders has been successfully implemented. Before then, Galaxy Fuse has been using automated production lines for about 3 years. Mrs Hao Zheng, the president of the Galaxy Fuse, said: “In Galaxy Fuse, we believe that product quality and labour productivity are the core of a production-oriented company, automated production can meet these two points both.” It is estimated that there will be around 6000,000 Solar Power Protection PV Fuse Holders will be produced through this new automated production line by June next year.


(Automatic pad printing) (Automatic ultrasonic welding)

Some dangerous tasks can be offloaded to automated machines, so compared to traditional manual labour, automated production lines make the workplace safer for the workers. Moreover, automating manufacturing can guarantee the consistency of each fuse holder while reducing the lead time. Since the COVID-19 broke out, more people prefer to online work and the offline labour cost increased, however, automated production lines can exactly solve this problem.

(Video courtesy of Zhejiang Galaxy Fuse Co., Ltd.)

According to Galaxy Fuse, the demand of YRPV-30(X) series fuse holders has been surged increased in the solar photovoltaic market, especially in the USA, Indian and some Middle East countries such as Lebanon, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Iran etc. Galaxy Fuse take this trend as a challenge as well as a chance.

Galaxy Fuse’s YRPV-30(X) series fuse holders were engineered to provide rapid protection under conditions of overload current associated with both 1000VDC, 1100VDC and 1500VDC Photovoltaic (PV) systems. DIN Rail mounting is available in 1, 2, 3 and 4-pole configurations for more options.


   (YRPV-30 Solar Power Protection PV Fuse Holder)                          (YRPV-30X Solar Power Protection PV Fuse Holder)



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When we turn the sight to global energy, It isn't too hard to see that Solar Photovoltaic Power is on its way to becoming the leading renewable energy due to its rapid development in the past decade. So it's significant for Galaxy Fuse to implement this fuse holder automated production line since Galaxy Fuse is a driving force for safer and more reliable Solar Photovoltaic PV Fuse worldwide. Our purpose is clear-"For Green Environment, For Electrical Safety, For Your Business". For business and technical inquiries, please feel free to contact and we'll be of further assistance.